It is our commitment to provide the highest Standards of Health Care to all sections of the society particularly to those who are socially and financially deprived and to train and educate people in the noblest ideals of compassion, concern and sacrifice towards achieving professional excellence in Medical Care, Education; Research and Community Service.

East-West Nursing College trains nurses who will have the potential to deliver quality nursing care to individual, families and communities with across their life span in wide variety of health care settings as well as to assume the role of a teacher, supervisor, manager and researcher in the clinical/public health setting. The college aims to preparing graduates to assume responsibility as Professional, Competent Nurses and Midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

Our vision is always to be the leading and outstanding educational institution in running which will offer affordable top class stimulating education to all classes of students in order to uplift the society. We serve also by nurturing human values and ethics imparting high class knowledge and skill.

We believe that excellence in nursing is exhibited in practice that demonstrates caring, commitment, comparison for the dignity of a well-being of all people and adherence to professional and ethical standards. Our faculty believes that nurses need to be trained to analyze, synthesize, apply and evaluate knowledge from nursing and other disciplines to improve health by providing high quality care.

The college objective is to educate nursing professionals who have basic knowledge, attitude and skills of human carrier necessary for nursing practice. Furthermore, nurses are required to have accountability to solve nursing problems, and always be able to practice creative problem solving activities.